Best Wallpapers For Lawyers?

( submitted 2 years ago by potatocake Hey, I’m a law student at UVA who has been looking for some good wallpapers to put on my phone. I feel like the ones that are out there for lawyers seem way too serious and not particularly inspiring so any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks!

Concierge Lawyer (self.concierge_lawyer) submitted 4 years ago by TheGigilover This subreddit is about concierge lawyers, not just random rants about how shitty they are or whatever else you can come up with to get clicks without providing actual value. If your post isn’t about concierge lawyers then this subreddit probably won’t be interested in it, please don’t submit if you’re just gonna complain or try to promote yourself as a “concierge lawyer” when in reality you’re a glorified paralegal/secretary/whatever who’s got no real experience nor education beyond what he learned from doing online courses forever and watching YouTube videos all day long instead of going out and getting real life experience working directly with clients/clients’ relatives etc., sorry but we didn’t ask for an invoice from your Sunday School class when we signed up here – these subreddits aren’t designed to cater exclusively to people whinging incessantly over every single aspect of their lives while expecting sympathy from others willing to give them advice that could actually help them rather than invalidating everything they

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