Best Voicemail Greeting For Lawyers?

I was at the grocery store with my kid. A woman walked up to me and said, “You’re a great dad!” I thanked her for saying that, but then I remembered my voicemail greeting: “Hey there. This is Kevin Trudeau…call me anytime. We all need lawyers sometimes. Thanks bye-bye!” She looked confused, so I asked if she had any issues with lawyers (like maybe you murdered someone?) Her response? “No not really. But how can you expect people to call when your message says they should?! What kind of lawyer are you?! He was like the greatest listener ever…he knew how to make it fun…He was like our favorite teacher! He never did anything wrong and he could have done more too!!! Don’t get mad just because his voice says this is a scam!! It might be ok in England or Australia or something but here it sounds stupid!!! And don’t try to sue him either!!!! You have no case!!!! Have a nice day!!!!! Bye!!!!! In America we love our lawyers!!!)

She went on over three minutes about why she didn’t want to buy from us anymore and what an idiot we were for having such an awful voicemail system or whatever she wanted to say about us being bad losers who didn’t care about people’s feelings while actually thinking that “Our customers” were morons who would feel insulted by a thankless jobless

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