Best Visa Lawyers For Film Visas?

Visa lawyers in the UK and Ireland will do a good job for you. If you need to get a visa, then they will help you with that too. They can also advise on immigration matters such as visas for work, study or family purposes. Your visa lawyers should be able to assist with all aspects of your case from start to finish including pre-arranged interviews and support during the application process itself.

What is a film visa? Film visas are issued by the British or Irish embassies in order to allow directors, actors and other creative workers of international renown who have been offered roles within an upcoming production of more than £50k sponsorship fee per day (or equivalent) into one of these countries on ‘work’ or ‘tourist’ visas.. In some cases it may only be possible to obtain this type of visa for certain types of films – if there is no official offer from a major studio/production company etc., then it may not be possible at all! You must make sure that any professional organisation which has tried before without success applies again on your behalf if necessary!

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