Best Virtual Assistant For Lawyers?

How can a legal team get the most out of your time and budget? Here’s a look at some of our favorite virtual assistant services.

How Much Does It Costs To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Lawyers? By The Numbers

The cost to hire a VA for lawyers varies widely by state law, firm size, and industry sector. In New York City, where I live, it would cost approximately $1.50 an hour plus travel expenses for me to have access to my own personal library assistant who could research cases based on my instructions so that I might be more productive in less time. However, if you are a solo practitioner or small firm with fewer than ten employees in Georgia, California or Texas (and many other states), hiring VAs locally is not only much cheaper but also easier since there aren’t any laws requiring lawyers to collaborate remotely with non-lawyer staff members from another state. Depending on the specific requirements of your business, you may want to consider using one of these services: 1) Remotely Manage Your Team—A simple way for law firms to manage their teams remotely is through Intellifocus . This service allows all its clients nationwide including attorneys and paralegals alike in major markets such as NYC & San Francisco/Bay Area benefit from 24/7 access without having them work anywhere near their offices! 2) Create An Online Office —Many businesses prefer working virtually rather than physically office because they find technology helpful in the

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