Best Video For Lawyers?

Cary: We have to be careful. What we’ve seen is the platform of YouTube is a great place for lawyers, but it also seems to be a good place for everyone else as well. I do think there needs to be some way that legal video makers can get visibility and give people an opportunity on these platforms if they want to reach lawyers or not. You need a more targeted approach than just going into everybody’s network and saying “here are 10 videos from every lawyer in America” because those aren’t necessarily what our audience wants.

The fact that so many law firms now have their own social media accounts gives us another chance as well – I think some lawyers might say, “hey, look at this case! My firm did something interesting with the pollution rules! Maybe you should follow them too.” It provides another avenue for sharing work in different ways when you put all of your information together about who you are and how you practice when someone clicks on one of your links or watches one of your videos directly on our website or through our app where they will see all kinds of other things besides just listening to attorneys talk about cases in courtrooms across the country. Just having people come up to me at events talking about how much they love Legal Talk Network has been really cool because nobody ever asks me questions like that before even if I’m wearing my hat from Lawyerville [the local bar association]. So

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