Best Us States For New Lawyers?

Answer: New lawyers are drawn to states that offer excellent employment opportunities, low cost of living and tax benefits. West Virginia offers all three. It is one of the lowest-cost states for attorneys yet ranks in the top 10 for highest median earnings. According to Robert Half’s 2018 Salary Guide, West Virginia has a national rank of 14th for new law firm salaries with its average salary being $75,832 annually.

Top 15 States For New Lawyers To Live The Lawyer’s Life #1 – Alaska #2 – Wyoming #3 – Maine #4 – Ohio #5 – South Dakota #6– Indiana(tie)#7 – Nebraska(tie)#7 – North Dakota(tie)#9 – Montana (tied)#10 – Washington (tied)#12 — Nevada — WA State Median Pay Rank: 12 Law Firm Median Pay Rank: 12 Total Cost Of Living Rank: 8 Job Outlook Rate: 17% Average Starting Salary: $61K Highest Degree Required: JUVENILE COURT LAWS/PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR TRAINING ACADEMIC PROGRAMS OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL CONGRESSIONAL LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE COMMISSIONERS OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT STATE BOARD FOR MEDICAL LICENSURE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT JOINT LEGIS

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