Best Undergraduate Schools For Lawyers?

In this article, we will discuss the best undergraduate schools for lawyers. For a law school to be considered among the best in its category, it needs to provide high-quality legal education and professional preparation. To determine which are the top undergraduate law schools, Top Law Schools has gathered hundreds of opinions from current students as well as deans of various graduate programs.

The infographic below illustrates how Top Law School has analyzed each factor that matters most when choosing an undergraduate law school: 1) admissions rate; 2) bar passage rates; 3) average student debt at graduation; 4) job placement after graduation; 5) location; 6) tuition cost (tuition is not included); 7) faculty quality (including academics). You can download our complete methodology here or read more about our research process here.

You can find all these criteria on our Best Undergraduate Law School Rankings page where you will also find information on what other factors matter to future alumni who have shared their experience with us so far!

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