Best Undergraduate School For Lawyers?

A. Fordham University School of Law, which is located in New York City

QUESTION: What was the first state to allow women to vote?

A. Utah

QUESTION: The only two places on Earth where a citizen does not have a right to demand that his or her government enforce certain laws are Russia and North Korea

QUESTION: At what time did law enforcement authorities begin using drones for surveillance? 2002

QUESTION: In 2008, China passed legislation requiring all foreign companies doing business there to make their intellectual property available under local control. Which company’s technology was required by China’s cyber-security legislation? Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system software—the same one used at U.S.-based computers across the country today! This requirement came about because after an internal investigation found that its computer systems had been hacked into by hackers based in China who stole intellectual property belonging to other companies including many American corporations—including Coca Cola Co., Walt Disney Co., Dow Chemical, Sanyo Electric Co.—and used it without permission from those businesses! It turned out that the hacker group was working for the Chinese government—for their own national interests! That means they were spying on Americans for their benefit instead of ours! The digital theft also exposed hundreds of thousands of minor children whose private data had been stolen by this rogue employee-hacker group called “China House” … Mao Zedong would

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