Best Undergraduate Programs For Future Lawyers?

It depends on how you define “best.” I would say that Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are two excellent institutions for undergraduate legal education. Both have a high-quality faculty with expertise in their respective fields, as well as an impressive student body. Students at these schools benefit from having the opportunity to interact with successful lawyers alongside them on a daily basis, which is invaluable during law school. Beyond those two schools, there are many other outstanding institutions that provide equally good programs for undergraduates seeking to study law: Yale University School of Law; Columbia Law School; Stanford University Boalt Hall School of Law; Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and Law; Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and Cornell’s Weill Cornell Medical College also offer great programs specifically designed around preparing students to enter academia or practice law. And if you want more options than just those five schools listed above, then look no further than our rankings—the Best Value Schools feature can help you find a college plan that fits your needs!

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