Best Undergraduate Major For Aspiring Lawyers?

I’m glad I asked. It was the top response from readers, and it made me wonder: Are there any other undergraduate majors that might have a better chance of getting you hired as an attorney than law? My hunch is no. But I wanted to be sure, so I checked with some legal experts for their thoughts on this question. Here are the eight most common responses (in alphabetical order):

Engineering . The first thing they told me was that engineering has seen its share of layoffs; if you want to work near your alma mater after graduation, go into business or consulting instead of practicing law. Then again, at least one survey found that another major like accounting would not do nearly as well in salary terms against law. Other professions ranked higher than engineering on my list include finance (lawyers earn more once they pass the bar exam), architecture , and medicine . Four people whom I talked with said economics came first on their lists—economics professors can make more money than many lawyers but still face less competition for jobs due to the lack of specialization among graduates—but even those who had studied economics seemed dubious about how much employment opportunities were out there for them upon graduation. “It depends on where you live whether [economics] is something employers want,” says Laura Maier-Clausen , an associate professor at Boston University School of Law who also co-directs BU’s Institute for Public Knowledge project

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