Best Undergraduate Degrees For Lawyers?

According to Law360 (subscription required), the top 10 law schools — based on U.S. News and World Report’s 2015 rankings — are:

University of Chicago (1) University of Pennsylvania (2) Harvard Law School (3) Columbia Law School (4) Yale University (5) New York University (6) Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University (7) Duke University School of Law, Duke University(8). UC Berkeley – Boalt Hall(9 ) Northwestern Pritzker School of Law(10)(11). Michigan State College Of Laws-Michigan State Univeristy.(12)(13 ).

What is a Juris Doctor? It is an American Bar Association approved professional degree awarded by law schools in the United States and Canada after completion of four years or be 1 year at an ABA accredited school. It takes three years to complete if you start in January while enrolled in college and take one summer off before starting your 1st year. There are other options for completing a JD that include completing two full-time semesters or part time during the semester breaks depending where you attend school, then taking two additional semesters after graduation from either a JAMS program or private bar review course with final exams available only through bar examinations

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