Best Undergraduate College For Aspiring Lawyers?

If you think Harvard, then you’re wrong.

Harvard Law School is the most highly ranked by U.S News and World Report (USNWR), but it doesn’t always deliver on its rankings when it comes to providing a good education for students who are not lawyers. The USNWR has released its 2013 law school rankings report in which they rank all the top-ranked law schools across America by looking at factors such as graduates who go on to become judges or public prosecutors, how much time students have spent studying after graduation and other aspects of student life at their respective institutions. Here are some interesting facts about Harvard Law School:

This year marks the first time that Ivy League universities have failed to be included among the top ten best law schools in America. In 2012, Yale University topped this list with Stanford University following closely behind at second place while Princeton University was placed third overall followed by Columbia University occupying fourth spot and Massachusetts Institute of Technology being placed last out of all 150 researched American universities reviewed by USNWR . This marked a huge downfall from previous years where universities like Harvard had been consistently ranked number one over Princeton achieving an average rating of 9.8 – 10 – placing them ahead of many other major colleges including Yale with an average rating around 8 – 9 – making them significantly more better than their peers both within and outside their own university. But this year, no Ivy League university managed to break into the top 10 ranking pulling down Georgetown Law Center

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