Best Undergrad Schools For Lawyers?

A. The best law schools are in the top 100, with Yale University being an exception to this rule for most students. If you want to go to a school that is not at or near the top 100, then you have two choices: either go somewhere less prestigious but significantly cheaper (like Southwestern Law School), or apply to multiple schools so that there are no gaps in your experience when it comes time to be admitted into the bar.

Q. What’s my GPA? Should I wait until summer/fall?

A. People often think that “good grades” and “great LSAT score” correlate well together; however, they do not! You can get a great LSAT score without doing very well in class; therefore, getting good grades does not necessarily mean you will get into Harvard – although sometimes people take advantage of this thinking and spend more money on prep courses than necessary because they believe their application would be better off if it had stellar GPAs even though all of their application information says otherwise (see #2). By applying early decision (or by waiting until after March 1) you can make sure your chances of admission improve dramatically if any one piece of information about yourself is slightly stronger than another piece–for example: If your strength is mooted out by some other aspect that doesn’t require hard work like extracurriculars or letters from teachers–then applying early decision means little difference between whether you got accepted at Harvard and NYU where both

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