Best Undergrad For Trial Lawyers?

“The best undergrad for trial lawyers,” I said. “It should be the best school in the world if you want to learn about law and practice it. But it is not yet such a good place as that because there are so many other things going on. It’s like wine: The first time you drink it you don’t know what all the fuss is about; then, later on, when you drink better wines or see more of them, they turn out to be quite different from what they first seemed and were worth waiting for—and so with law schools: You can think that life has just begun, but after three years of law school it turns out to have been worthwhile after all.

In my second year at Harvard Law School I had an argument with one of my teachers who held a position very dear to me: Professor Edward Hennessey was one of those people whose words could make anyone feel small or inadequate no matter how brilliant he felt inside him. He would say things like “Most students take this course because they need something else—a doctorate in psychology or sociology perhaps—but I do not wish either psychology or sociology upon any man! Certainly not a lawyer! And certainly not a lawyer who wishes only his fee! What kind of nonsense is this? Why waste your time doing intellectual work which will never pay anything? This course now appears expensively printed and bound up here before us as being

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