Best Undergade Degree For Lawyers?

The answer is no. This degree does not offer any additional benefits for lawyers or law students, although it can help you get a job in the industry if desired. The following table presents the lowest and highest ranked degrees that require at least 2 years to complete:

Undergraduate Degree Years to Complete Bachelor’s 3 Associate 1 Master’s 4 Doctorate 1

Undergraduate Degrees to Become an Accountant: What Is the First Undergraduate Degree?

The first undergraduate degree required by all accountants is a bachelor of science in accounting, which requires four years of study after high school. To become an accountant, you should plan on getting your bachelor’s degree directly from college since there are no programs available other than this one that allow you to become certified as an accountant without completing four years of postsecondary education. If you would like more information about what it takes to become a certified public accountant (CPA), be sure to read our article here!

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