Best Ultrabook For Lawyers?

We tested the Dell Latitude E5540, which costs $1,099. The 14-inch screen is a good size for lawyers who want to get work done while on coffee breaks or at their desks. It has an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. An optional touchscreen can be purchased separately for $250 extra. This model weighs in at 3 pounds and measures only 0.6 inches thick (the same as our ultrabook pick), making it easy to carry around town if you need to take your computer with you somewhere during the day (or that conference room where everyone’s using MacBooks). A fast 500GB hard drive gives plenty of space for storing documents, photos, music collections—and even some movies—and enables speedy booting when you put in your password. At less than 2 pounds it’s also not too heavy to lug around all day; however, its battery life isn’t great—about 5 hours when doing basic tasks like word processing or e-mailing friends back home over Wi-Fi networks rather than through Skype calls connecting out via cellular data plans (though this would be far better than what most other laptops give). While lawyers may want something smaller and lighter that doesn’t weigh down their briefcases full of files because they don’t have much time between meetings before court starts up again, the E5540 does well enough to fit into any lawyer’s bag along with his

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