Best Typeface For Lawyers?

I was thinking, for example, of the typefaces used by lawyers like Johnnie Cochran or Paul Clement.

Leo: I think those are really awful. They’re… I don’t know what they’re called; we’ll call them “bad”. Like bad sports-team names and other things that you wouldn’t name your team after. There’s a place where our corporate identities live and die: it’s called trade show booths at conventions and conferences and stuff like that. And the people who work there spend all day on their feet walking around with this thing on their chest trying to get clients to come over to look at [their] booth so [they may] hire [them]. It is an incredibly demeaning position in my opinion—especially when you consider how much money people make doing it—because nobody tells them they can do better than just putting up some generic wordmark because everyone else does it too, except maybe not as well as someone else but almost certainly just as often. So if you go into a lawyer shop today, 90 percent of it will be either plain black lettering or some kind of bland logo that says something stupid about itself like “Our Company” or “Lawyer”, which has no meaning whatsoever unless your firm actually employs lawyers (which most law firms don’t).

I think good typography respects its audience enough to say exactly what the text means instead of pandering to them with big words until they get bored and stop reading

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