Best Trial Books For Lawyers?

You may be surprised to learn that the best trial books are not high-priced textbooks or even other guides. If you’re looking for good cases, you should look at the case studies in your state reports and legal periodicals. But don’t limit yourself to these sources; there are many excellent trial books on all aspects of practice law.

What is a personal guardian? How does one become one? Where do I find them? What forms should I use to start this process?

A personal guardian is someone who has been appointed by court order as an agent for another person so that he or she can manage financial affairs or take care of medical decisions if the other person becomes incapacitated. The term “guardian ad litem” refers specifically to people who have gone through special training programs provided by state agencies and organizations, which typically require four years of postsecondary education beyond high school graduation before being allowed to represent children in court proceedings involving custody or visitation issues. Adoptive parents also have access to this specialized training program but don’t need it in most states (and there are no formal requirements for adoption). To appoint a personal guardian, file papers with the court asking that someone be named as such; you will only need to name one person unless more than one adult lives in your home when you make your request (in which case two adults must agree on whom they want), when both parties live elsewhere (in which case anyone

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