Best Trench Coats For Lawyers?

The two types of trench coats are single breasted and double breasted. Single-breasted models tend to be easier for lawyers to wear, but they have a tendency to wrinkle when worn too tightly or pulled up in a hurry. Double-breasted models tend to be more formal and provide extra coverage from the elements. Both varieties have pockets on the outside of their sleeves that can hold necessities such as pens, notepads, cell phones and wallets while still being discreetly tucked into your coat’s interior lining.

What is a good price range for a good lawyer trench coat?

A good lawyer trench coat will cost you anywhere from $100-$400 depending on what type you choose. There is no typical place where most people buy them these days due to many manufacturers making various styles with different features at very similar prices so it really depends on your personal preference which one suits you best!

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