Best Towns For Patent Lawyers?

If you’re a patent lawyer looking to start your own practice, it might be useful to know where the best place is for that. There are many factors that can affect success of a new business and location is not always one of them. But we thought we would give our advice on what towns offer the most chance of success as well as the right environment for those who want to work or live in this profession. Let’s take a look at some towns and compare:

1 – Boston

Boston has been known as an excellent area for those aspiring to become lawyers since its founding in 1630. The city hosts more than 1,000 law firms and more than 8,000 attorneys, ranking first on US News & World Report’s list of top “Best Places For Business And Careers In America 2012-2013.” Located near several universities with large legal programs including Harvard Law School (the oldest) and Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT), there are also opportunities within other school systems around Boston which include MIT Sloan School Of Management, Harvard Medical School , Hastings College Of The Law , Tufts University Fletcher School Of Law And Diplomacy , Boston College Carroll School Of Management , Bentley University Graduate Program In Science Leadership And Policy Studies . The city also offers plenty of free trade schools including New England Culinary Institute which produces graduates equipped with skills necessary for working in restaurants across the country. That being said, although there are lots of candidates available from

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