Best Toronto Lawyers For Plagerism?

I want to make a few comments about this article. First, the author appears to be ignorant of copyright law in Canada (he cites U.S. provisions) and also about the Canadian Trade-marks Registry (which he claims is “a public registry”). I can document all these things below, but for now let me just say that Mr Dutton has scored an own goal with this article; it’s not only incorrect when it comes to copyright law, but when it comes to trademark law too! The issue of trademark infringement in Canada is really quite different from what you may find elsewhere in North America… so much so that even the U.S.’s Lanham Act contains no express provision specifically dealing with trade mark infringement – instead they rely on common sense reasoning based upon principles found in other parts of US Federal Law including Title 15 USC 1125(c) which defines trademarks as “words, names, symbols or designs” used by someone else within 7 years before an action was commenced against them (“use” here meaning registered use). It’s simpler than most people think: if there are at least 10 registrants under your trademark then its not trademark infringement unless you’re using their name/logo courts will assume that any new marks created by you derive from them and therefore become part of their domain! This section includes a very useful list of some 800 commonly used words which have been held over time to have acquired distinctiveness sufficient for protection under IP laws such as copyrights and

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