Best Titles For Top Non Lawyers?

But, if you are interested to know more about the best law firm management in India and legal career prospects in India , read on.

India is a country with one of the largest population in Asia and with an economy which has been growing at a fast pace over past few years. According to Ministry of Statistics data there was around 1.25 billion people living in India as per 2011 census (which may be revised up). The growth rate since 2000-2001 has been at 5% annually i.e., 20 million every year! This means that by 2020, when China’s estimated population is projected to reach 1.5 billion it will still remain lower than that of India; and further by 2030, when China’s growth would slow down due to its ageing population it would still be lower than that of India! Hence we can expect considerable growth for Indian economy for many years ahead even after its demographic peak . It is also expected that most developed countries would follow similar path after their economic peak has passed them wherein they start slowing down but not immediately for some time because their economies need certain amount of ‘rejuvenation’ before they start declining again towards stagnation or recession phase which then leads into depressionary phase where GDP starts falling sharply until such time governments initiate reforms/stimulus packages / austerity measures etc..

The above graph shows the evolution of Indian Economy since independence till 2010-2011 based on several factors including manufacturing production value added ($), agriculture output ($) etc.. As shown below,

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