Best Titles For Top Non Lawyers With Law Degree?

The top 10 best law degrees and careers, by highest paying job for non lawyers:

1. Juris Doctor (J.D.) – $160,000

2. Master of Laws (LLM) in Taxation – $125,000

3. Masters of Law (LLM) in Business Law – $120,000–$135,000 depending upon the school selected; not including Bar Passage required to practice law in most states without a J.D., but varies from state to state. For example California requires a LLM with 2-years post graduate work experience or an LLB degree or LPC certification with 4 years post grad work experience at very similar salaries to the above listed schools which will not require bar passage except Alaska where it is required if your credentials are out dated and you have been practicing law less that 5 years previously…a little known fact outside of Alaska! Thus you can get into Maine School’s after 1 year residency almost guaranteed even though they require bar passage there as well! In addition the old/new school admit students who want to be “Professional Lawyers” when their credentials are current regardless of what century they graduated from unless their credentials are out dated when admission standards change so fast these days you need a pocketful for all future changes in rules just like insurance claims adjusters do once they start working for an Insurance Company! It also depends on how long each lawyer has practiced before going back into academia

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