Best Timekeeping App For Lawyers?

We also asked: What timekeeping app do you like and recommend to your colleagues? To that end, we pulled together a list of the best yellow legal apps. Here are their answers:

1. Todoist (Free)

Todoist is a popular choice among lawyers who use it for personal tasks such as organizing work and family obligations, but found themselves using the free version every so often when they needed something more robust. “It’s easy to add clients or keep track of client info/files in one place,” said Justin C., an attorney at a large firm in New York City. He likes how he can quickly see updates from his team members and delegate tasks within the program easily through its project-based structure — all without having to log into each separate program separately. “I liked that I could get everything done with just 1 click [on Todoist],” Justin added, noting that he used it daily after switching over from other software programs such as Google Calendar and Gmail. “I find myself going there everyday now because I feel more organized! Definitely worth keeping up on since it has become my main calendar application … So much easier than managing different calendars for different projects or locations throughout my day!” According to Gary R., an associate at a law firm based in Chicago, Illinois: “[Todoist] helps me organize my life better by allowing me to have only one task list instead

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