Best Time Tracking Apps For Lawyers?

If you’re a lawyer, then it’s very likely that you need time tracking apps for legal. This is because lawyers can’t just figure out their own billing and invoicing by themselves, and they definitely won’t be able to manage all of the different tasks associated with running a law firm on their own either. That’s why you need an app like TSheets to keep track of your time so that you don’t cheat on how much work-related stuff actually gets done each day. When it comes down to it, time tracking is one of the most important things that lawyers will ever do in order to get more clients and make money – if we had any doubts about this, then we would’ve never made TSheets (and hopefully our competitors hadn’t too).

What exactly do people mean when they say “time tracker”? Is there something else I should look at? Do I still need an attorney or not? How do I find one anyway? If my attorney says he doesn’t want me using his special software (which he does), what am I supposed to use instead? What happens if my employer tells him this program offends his sensibilities (it really shouldn’t – he needs something that accurately tracks everything)? Can YOU help me wrap my head around these questions before hiring an attorney or trusting ANY advice from anyone who says “trust us – we know better than YOU!?!” As someone recently told me: “I

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