Best Time Tracking And Invoicing Solution For Lawyers?

I love to track time and bill clients, but I find it difficult to keep a good record. If you’re a lawyer who needs a solution that’s easy for your team or yourself, look no further!

I wanted to make this app as simple as possible because lawyers are busy people. In addition to being able calculate how much you have spent on an hourly basis, the app has other options such as adding up all of the hours worked in one day and generating invoices — all from within the app itself. This means there is no need for any confusing invoicing software – just enter each invoice into QuickBooks and everything else will be handled by the app! The only thing you’ll need is your calendar and an internet connection (it can sync with iCloud). My goal was not simply build another “good enough” time tracking program, so I made sure it would work well with QuickBooks where most lawyers use their accounting software anyways. It also works great with Google Calendar which many people already use without me having to ask them about anything!

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