Best Time Keeping Software For Small Lawyers?

The legal industry is very competitive, and new attorneys need to make sure they are doing everything in their power to be at the top of their class. Even if your law firm only has a few employees, you will want to make sure that your time keeping software can help you plan for this year as well as next year. You may have noticed that there is a lot of confusion about which time keeping software works best, but we thought it would be helpful for customers who are just beginning to look into these issues to learn more about what makes good legal practice management systems work so the they don’t waste money on poorly designed or unreliable systems.

In our opinion, the most important quality any system should have is reliability. It seems obvious enough now days when everyone knows how much headaches using computers can cause for many people so why wouldn’t they assume it is also true with respect to time tracking? Many small firms do not bother looking into reliable solutions because they think it doesn’t matter since they won’t be billing clients anyway – I mean really! If a client isn’t going through you then you aren’t going anywhere…and yes even if you bill 100% of every hour spent working on cases with no exceptions (which some firms actually do) – those hours still need records kept documenting them somehow!

So without further ado here are three guidelines we feel every lawyer should follow when picking out an effective PMS:

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