Best Ticket Lawyers For Truck Drivers?

A: There are many lawyers who represent truck drivers when they get in trouble. The list of these companies can be found on the internet, or you can contact a lawyer directly. These law firms will help reduce the fines and fees that a driver may have to pay after being stopped by police. Traffic tickets for truckers do not go away by themselves because there is no statute of limitations for traffic violations.[1] However, these lawyers will take action quickly so that it doesn’t cost quite as much money to repair your record.[2]

Q: What should I do if I get stopped?

A: As soon as possible after being stopped, call one of our firm’s 24 hour toll free number 1-800-331-4690; we are available during normal business hours (8 A.M.-7 P.M., 7 Days). Our office at 3333 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas NV 89102 is open Monday through Friday 8 A.M.-7 P.M., Saturdays 9 A..M.-5Pm; Sundays 12 noon-3 pmmoors closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve We offer same day service – Fill out form at www.traffickingsalmonlawyerla .com or call us anytime between 10 A..m & 6 Pm (CLICK HERE FOR FORM) At this time you must complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*). If any other questions come up while

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