Best Thesaurus For Lawyers?

I am a law student and recently researched effective ways to improve my vocabulary. This book was recommended as a good starting point, but if it is not already on your bookshelf, I would recommend you add it there soon.

7. The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr., et al.: You’ll never write an essay or memo with this handy reference in hand! But don’t worry—you won’t need to be able to quote from the book verbatim, either: just use its principles and guidelines for crafting clear prose that will hold up against any scrutiny. And do yourself a favor: take time out every day (no matter how busy you are) and read through the entire book several times until it becomes second nature. It really does help!

8. How To Improve Your Memory by Bruce Grobbelaar: We all know we should pay attention in class; most people seem to know this instinctively because their minds wander frequently during lectures at both school and work environments alike. However few of us actually follow through once we leave the classroom environment—not only upon arriving back home after classes end each day but also whenever we find ourselves sitting alone in our house/apartment complex waiting for our conversation partner(s), spouse(s), loved one(s) (or pet!) to arrive home from work/school too! Make sure you always bring along some kind of written material about which fact or information

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