Best Technology For Traveling Lawyers 2016?

The latest technology for traveling lawyers is wireless, hands-free phone headsets. The latest Bluetooth technology allows the attorneys to make and receive calls without having to take their phones out of their pockets or bags! Most law firms already have these headsets in place and should be using them as a matter of course. Some other technologies that can help reduce travel expenses include:

eBags – Departments like IT, Finance, HR and even Legal no longer need to carry heavy briefcases full of documents around with them on all their trips. They can now keep everything they need for meetings or office work on cloud based laptops which fits perfectly into the bag’s overall compact design so it doesn’t weigh you down when walking around airports, hotels or courtrooms. Many companies are also starting to offer free hotel WiFi access if one brings along an eBag laptop case (which then leaves room in your luggage allowance for another item). For more information about ebags products visit

Coffee Maker – Everyone needs a coffee maker as part of their everyday life but taking it away from you often leaves you feeling very vulnerable when travelling abroad because there might not be many places where this will actually get hot water! However, now there is a solution called “KettleJet Coffee Makers” which features two separate boilers within its single unit making sure that both sides remain warm at all times throughout the

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