Best Tech Contract Book For Lawyers?

I’ve been asked repeatedly to recommend a “good technology contract book for lawyers.” That is, a book that covers all of the most important topics you need to know about when writing or reviewing contracts for technology companies. And I absolutely cannot do it! There are so many different books written by so many different authors covering so much ground—many of which will be useful in specific situations and others that have my blood boiling with rage at their content or delivery. So, let me say it again: there is no one book that tells everything you need to know about how to write great IT contracts as a lawyer. In fact, as best as I can figure out from talking with other attorneys and reading blogs online, there isn’t even one author who has taken on this topic comprehensively enough to claim the title “technology contract expert.” And now that we have social media sites like Twitter enabling real-time communication between people who share an interest in technology law beyond just their own practice areas (and business relationships), there are hundreds if not thousands of similar folks out there who could probably tell us what every lawyer needs to know about writing effective software development agreements under applicable laws and regulations… but don’t because they aren’t yet ready for prime time either!!!

So why should you listen to me? Well, first off I am pretty well known among legal counsels at large organizations throughout America (as well as Europe) whose

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