Best Tax Law Jobs For New Lawyers?

A: That depends on which type of firm you are in. Generally speaking, the higher up the chain you go for a law firm, generally the more lucrative it is to be a lawyer. A few years ago, I was working at a large corporate law firm and had an offer from another large corporate law office to make about $200k more per year than I was making at my current place if I moved there. My only hesitation was that they did not have good benefits for family leave/sick time or health insurance coverage (and frankly their 401(k) plan sucked). So what happened? They changed management and another attorney who left took his clients with him! The new partners were young and had no ties with this former colleague so he went back to doing great work while everyone else went backwards! When people ask me how many attorneys do well here in Albany, often it’s because of connections rather than talent or hard work. We all know some people who weren’t cut out for the legal profession but made nice money anyway by being associated with lawyers they really didn’t deserve anything from…it happens every day in New York State!!

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