Best Tax Law Books For Beginners Lawyers?

books on tax law? taxation for dummies?

Tax Books For Dummies Cheat Sheet (printable version) Tax Books For Dummies Cheat Sheet (printable version) View or Download PDF View or Download PDF Print this cheat sheet as a printable PDF file of the text below:

Table of Contents 1 Introduction to Taxes 2 Types of Taxes 3 Calculating Your Income Tax 4 Special Rules 5 Federal income taxes 6 Federal income tax brackets 7 Alternative Minimum Tax 8 Exemptions 9 Self-Employment and Other Deductible Expenses 10 Social Security and Medicare 11 Payroll Taxes 12 Property, Sales & Excise Taxes 13 State Income Tax 14 Filing Requirements 15 Employer Identification Numbers 16 IRS Forms 17 Conclusion About the Author About the Author Gary Cocksworth is an attorney with a national practice devoted to estate planning, trusts, business succession planning and probate administration in Dallas, Texas since 1976. He has served as a Trustee for over 20 years at various family-owned businesses including publishing companies in addition to serving his fellow attorneys as an officer in several state bar organizations including the Texas Bar Association where he also serves on their Probate Law Committee which gives continuing legal education courses throughout Texas educating attorneys about probate law issues such as how to draft wills and trust documents effectively so that they are

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