Best Task Management App For Lawyers?

That’s the question I asked myself when I was preparing for this post. The answer? Many lawyers swear by Todoist, but personally, I don’t find it to be the best task management app for lawyers. For one thing, it lacks many features that are vital in keeping attorneys organized and focused on tasks at hand. One of these features is color coding which allows you to assign different types of tasks to individual teams or individuals in your office so everyone has a clear understanding what needs to get done and when. It also doesn’t allow users to create multiple projects within their account like Trello does which can make organizing complex legal matters much easier—and more efficient!

The reality is that there are plenty of good apps out there for managing task lists across all areas of law practice including electronic discovery (ED), client communication software (CMS) such as SAP Ariba or M2Sigma , document storage solutions like Dropbox Paperwork , case management systems like Case-in-point , shareable documents with Google Docs . And while some options might not have quite what you need right now or were created specifically with attorneys in mind, they will likely grow along with your business over time and meet your changing demands later on down the road.

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