Best Suits For Female Lawyers?

” As you can imagine, this “study” has gotten a ton of attention (see here and here).

The question I have for the authors is: Why do they think that women like pink? And why does their study focus on suits rather than dresses? The answer should be obvious to anyone who has ever spent time at law firms. People wear business clothes because it’s professional attire. It’s not because their favorite color is pink or red or green.

It may come as no surprise that men are less likely to be wearing something other than formal business clothing when asked about their fashion choices; however, there are some interesting differences between men and women in terms of choice of suit colors. While only 11% of male lawyers say they wear black suits, 38 percent say they wear navy blue, 30 percent dark gray, 23 percent brown/beige/tan/forest green-colored suits—all popular suit colors among female lawyers! If these results don’t shock you into looking inside your closet for an outfit change next time you’re headed out the door with clients for lunch or client meetings at Starbucks, then nothing will! What do all these suit colors have in common? They are *not* part of traditional masculine fashion styles worn by men throughout history! Okay…maybe that statement was a bit strong but I had to make sure my point hit home somehow!

Lawyers tend to follow what society expects them to follow even if those expectations don’t make

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