Best Suit For Lawyers?

Prosecute criminals.

A lawyer’s salary is $50,000 a year. How much would you have to pay him to hire him?

$100,000 a year if he was good and $25,000 a year if he wasn’t so good.

Which of these items would be most likely to upset an attorney? A poor showing in court; losing his case; getting fired from the job for sloppy work; having his license revoked because of unethical conduct or incompetence; or being sued by one of his clients for maliciously damaging their reputation with lies and rumors about them: (a) shoes—he could wear them outside the courthouse; (b) belt—it wouldn’t matter where he stood at trial because it never came off during any proceedings in court; (c) pants—he couldn’t get into that courtroom without taking them off first and there were no trials going on around here anyway!

How can an attorney avoid paying taxes on income earned when representing someone else? He doesn’t file separate 1099 forms reporting payments made by clients who are required to report their income on Form 1040.

What does this term mean? An office manager who handles all the details of records keeping, billing practices, payment arrangements between attorneys and clients, filing systems, janitorial services provided by cleaning companies contracted through law offices often called “courthouse sweepers”—all before 9

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