Best Suit Color For Lawyers?

A: Gray. I think gray is the best color for lawyers, because it’s almost always neutral and doesn’t have any strong associations with one area or another. It just looks nice on everybody.

Q: So if your lawyer wears a dark suit, don’t you want to match him?

A: Yes! But also be careful about how much he wears of that color so you don’t look like an accountant wearing a tuxedo. Wear something that can basically double as either business-casual or formal depending on what sort of event you’re going to be at — whether it’s a black-tie affair or not, but usually it should be more casual than anything else. If your outfit is too dressy for the occasion, then maybe skip out on the tie altogether and go with something less stuffy instead; who knows? Maybe no ties are cool after all! Just make sure whatever you choose has some texture in there to give off some interest without being overwhelming because otherwise people will start talking about your hair again…

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