Best Storytelling For Lawyers?

The law firm, which is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, has grown to nearly 100 employees over the past 11 years. It’s won more than $1 billion in investments for its clients and generated significant press coverage of high-profile cases. But it was not until this summer that Levy met his new managing partner: Steven Levy (no relation). The Stanford graduate started out as an intern at Bain & Company while he was getting his MBA from Berkeley; he went on to become a marketing director there before becoming VP of sales and business development at (which acquired ExactTarget). He then co-founded Wunderman with another ex-Bain colleague named Dennis Crowley (who left last year), who served as CEO until 2011 when he joined Twitter. Today, their relationship continues with frequent collaboration via Skype calls or email exchanges—usually about different ways to improve product design or how to create a better company culture. “I tell him I think about him every day—that if I were going through what we go through here every two weeks it would be really tough,” says Levy of Crowley, whom he refers to simply by his first name since they are both so close-knit that sharing one name seems silly given their long history together.

Levy attributes much of Wunderman’s success to relying on relationships built over time in addition to technology solutions like Salesforce CRM software and an ecommerce platform called Biz

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