Best States To Practice Law For Young Lawyers?

Source: US News and World Report Best Law Schools 2012 , Jul 15, 2013

Too many lawyers; too few jobs & not enough justice for them all

We need to make it easier for people with the right training to find good jobs as public defenders. We must ensure that those who represent poor clients aren’t penalized by caseloads that are too heavy. And we must do more to train judges and reduce filing fees so they can bring more cases in civil court. Too many families today have no access to a lawyer because of a lack of affordable legal services or out-of-control caseloads on overworked staff attorneys. We need basic changes in our criminal justice system–not just cosmetic reforms–that will improve the lives of millions of Americans, including victims’ rights advocates who have been shut out from their own government by excessive prison sentences imposed primarily on poor men and women accused of nonviolent crimes. I am committed to reforming our sentencing guidelines so that nonviolent offenders get treatment rather than jail time, while still keeping violent criminals off streets where they endanger innocent citizens. We also need better funding for state courts so more people don’t end up behind bars unnecessarily long before trial begins simply because there is no money available for bail bondsmen or medical expenses when defendants go on strike during pre-trial hearings. Finally, we must make sure every child has adequate mental health care services once he or she reaches adulthood paroling thousands of prisoners who suffer from untreated severe mental

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