Best States For Lawyers To Find Jobs?

For the top five states, see full ranking below.

5. California

California’s legal industry is a big draw for recruiters and talent. A 2013 study from the National Employment Law Project found that there were more lawyers in California than any other state except New York and Texas, with 2 out of every 5 practicing attorneys working within state borders. The Golden State has been on this list before: In 2014, it was fifth-best outside of New York City to land a job as a defense attorney or public defender.

With so many high-paying jobs available in California—lawyers here earn an average annual salary of almost $94,000—attorneys seeking employment have some highly productive places to look first: San Jose ranks among the nation’s ten highest paying cities for criminal defense attorneys at about $240 per hour while Los Angeles’ downtown area offers more than 50 law firms offering salaries between $130,000 and over $250,000 annually (the median pay is just under $187K). These are all attractive opportunities that help explain why virtually every lawyer who practices in these urban areas lives somewhere else; nearly three-quarters live elsewhere across the country or abroad . Nationally however, only 24 percent work outside their hometowns compared to 46 percent nationally living elsewhere . However ,the cost of living can be very high if you want good schools for your kids , which tend to come with hefty price tags . For Valley residents looking for quality housing without having to

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