Best States For Corporate Lawyers?

A: Local law firms are well represented in the rankings, but the top three states for corporate lawyers include California at #1; New York at #2; and Pennsylvania at #3. This is not surprising given that all of these states have large corporate legal workforces. The state with the highest percentage of local firms was Illinois (11%). Most other states had 10 percent or less.

Q: What factors did you consider when thinking about which were good places to practice?

A: Our methodology considers several factors related to each state’s economy, including income growth, unemployment rate, cost of living index, tax burden and economic development opportunities. We also looked closely at where recently-graduated associates may want to locate (e.g., big cities/metropolitan areas). Each factor is weighted according to how it affects associate retention rates nationwide—with our analysis leaning towards more favorable indicators than unfavorable ones since we focus on rising salary trends rather than absolute numbers for any one location within a state. For example, while low New York City incomes might be viewed negatively by some analysts because they indicate high expense levels based on recent salaries paid there, this factor reflects an overall positive indicator for New York because it indicates strong demand among new graduates looking for jobs in that part of the country due to its strong economy and relatively low cost of living compared with other metro areas nationally—potentially resulting in higher wages once they settle into their profession after graduation from law school! Overall

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