Best State For Corporate Lawyers?

The best state for corporate lawyers is Massachusetts. That’s not a particularly controversial answer, but it’s hard to be certain exactly why that is the case without digging deeper into how things work in each state. For example, I have no idea whether being from New York makes you better at being a lawyer anywhere else. You could just as easily argue that New Jersey or Illinois are more business friendly than Boston and therefore make good places to start your career. However, there are some factors working in favor of Massachusetts over other states:

Massachusetts has the highest concentration of BigLaw firms (7%) among all US states by far; this means greater opportunities for employment and higher pay if you know where to look and can get through the door (more on what “Big Law” is here). There are also enough smaller law firms that employ fewer attorneys than larger ones that it won’t always be necessary or possible to appear before one of them; this allows people who only wish to practice in-house such as Solicitor’s Offices (which represent clients) or transactional attorneys like M&A specialists more options which they wouldn’t find so readily available elsewhere. The high cost of living combined with relatively low salaries mean potential partners tend towards starting their own firm instead of accepting employment offers from large firms so they can run their own show and not be beholden to anyone else for money; while most young associates prefer big city life anyway due to lifestyle preference rather than salary considerations , one

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