Best Startups For Lawyers?

I’m not sure. I think the best startups are the ones that solve hard problems. If you can show people something actually works, then they will be willing to pay for it. And if you take care of your customers and keep them happy, then word-of-mouth growth will do all of this work for you while your startup grows at a steady rate without burning through capital too fast.

What inspires you? What drives you?

My wife—she’s an angel investor! Without her emotional support, I would have given up years ago. She keeps me going when things get tough and she never gives up on me despite my stubbornness to take action or look at other options even though I know there are smarter ways to get what we want done faster than how we do it now using our current resources (and budgets). We still don’t always agree on everything but nothing is ever trivial in our relationship which makes us better partners because we find out what matters most to each other and try really hard together to make that happen by asking ourselves questions like: “How did the client feel about the outcome of their case today when they came back from lunch rather than when they got home around 2 p.m.? Did they feel heard when someone was ready with answers right away rather than waiting until after hours when no one else was available?” My step-daughter is also inspiring since she’s constantly trying new stuff herself instead of relying on others’

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