Best Ss Disability Lawyers In Fl For Parkinson’S Disease?

We represent people with disabilities in criminal and civil cases throughout California. Our attorneys have successfully handled a wide range of personal injury, child custody and family law matters for clients with various types of disabilities. Some examples include:


Auto Accidents — we’ve helped our clients recover fair compensation for injuries sustained in car accidents. We handle all aspects of your case from the initial police report to your court appearances if need be. Call us at (818) 312-1444 today to get started on an aggressive defense against any negligent driver or other party that caused you harm!

DUI & DWI – We help protect drivers who suffer serious injuries after drinking and driving including head injuries, brain damage, loss of eyesight and more. Contact us immediately if you were injured by someone’s drunk driving accident… we’ll fight hard for maximum recovery! Call (818) 312-1444 now or click here to set up a free consultation with one of our expert lawyers near Los Angeles County!

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