Best Squarespace Templates For Lawyers?

If you are like me, then you probably have spent hours searching for everything that is out there. You may even be the type of person that likes to try different sites and keep trying until you find what works for your practice. When I was first starting out doing my own business, I would search online every day to see what other people were using or putting up on their website. It seemed like there was something new everyday! One thing that has always bothered me about templates is the lack of variety in their displays. For example, many site builders offer a “template” where they just stick some pictures together with text throughout it and call it a page layout. Also, no matter how beautiful the template looks on its own, if it doesn’t display well once put into practice there is very little use at all! Do yourself a favor and don’t settle for something because someone else’s cousin told them it looked nice…do your research before investing time or money into any website program/template so you can do exactly what YOU want with YOUR business!

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