Best Specialties For Lawyers?

My favorite is the attorney who stays up all night to get a case filed before 5:00 p.m. that day and then sleeps until noon on Monday morning when it finally gets into court. I also admire the lawyer with two or more clients in every federal court in the country, if not Canada or Mexico as well, because these lawyers can afford to be very selective about their cases and where they choose to practice law.

You have been described by some as being “the most famous criminal defense lawyer in America” due to your work representing OJ Simpson during his murder trial. Can you tell us a little bit about this?

I was honored that the University of Mississippi invited me back for my 50th reunion last year at Ole Miss! There were several hundred graduates there from 1958-1968—and most of them had no idea I represented OJ Simpson! In fact, none of my classmates knew who he was either—but one guy asked me if I remembered him from class because he thought we would have been friends since we used to ride bikes together across campus! That made me feel good because although OJ was acquitted at trial in 1995 after 12 weeks of testimony (which included an 11 week delay while prosecutors tried unsuccessfully to impeach OJ), many people felt that Mr. Simpson got away with murder and should never have been allowed to return home following his acquittal despite having served 9 years behind bars prior torture-free walls for a crime he

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