Best Social Platform For Lawyers? is a website that allows users to create an online legal document from scratch and have it filed in court for them. The company offers many services, but their main focus is on drafting up documents for real estate transactions, mortgages or will. They offer a fixed-cost service that works out to be very cost efficient if you’re doing one of these things every year or two years at most (depending upon your needs).

Their intuitive software makes the process simple enough even if you don’t know much about using computers. If you do know how to use computers they also provide some guidance through videos and webinars so that people can learn how to use LegalZoom in just 30 minutes or less! It really feels like I’m getting help when I go here because not only are they professional but they seem genuinely concerned with helping me get what my situation requires instead of trying to sell me something I don’t need.

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