Best Social Media Managemnt Tool For Lawyers?

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If you’re looking for a social media management tool, there’s no shortage of options out there–and that doesn’t include the various blogs dedicated to helping lawyers use social media more effectively (like this one or this one). If you want something simple or free to start with, check out HootSuite–it’s incredibly easy to get going, and it has a ton of integrations so you can connect your existing tools if they have them. Then move on up…if you need more power, try ($9/month) which lets you do A LOT without having any coding skills at all. You can also go all in with Sprout Social ($299/year), but I was concerned that it would eat into my budget too much given how cheap HootSuite is. In the end I decided on Mixpanel because I’m not ready to commit money for an entire year yet (iTunes cards are refundable!), and also didn’t want another place tracking me around online doing what i already do myself through Google Analytics: track how many people click on my blog posts! 🙂

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