Best Social Media For Lawyers? has created a report to highlight the best social media platforms overall for lawyers. The study was conducted by Hubspub, an Atlanta-based digital marketing company that specializes in content and SEO specialists.

The study took into account the growth of each platform as well as how much it is used by attorneys across industries: small, medium and large firms alike. They also took into consideration user interactions with the legal industry before ranking them based on factors such as engagement rate and amount of followers per lawyer or firm size. Finally, they looked at what kind of messages were being shared via these channels (e.g., informative messages or promotional messages).

LinkedIn emerged as the top social media platform overall for lawyers after its authors determined that it had 2 million active users who are almost all practicing attorneys from around 100 different countries (more than half U.S.). LinkedIn’s rank jumped significantly over last year’s survey: It went up 4 notches this time – from #2 to #1 – largely because many more professionals joined during 2016 which caused their numbers to increase nearly 50 percent; therefore, we expect LinkedIn will continue to be popular among law firms in 2017 and beyond! By comparison only 13% of respondents said they use Twitter which came in at #3 followed by Facebook (#4) and Google+ (#5).

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