Best Small Towns For Lawyers?

New Orleans. It’s a nice, easy life. You don’t have to spend much time outside the office because you could be in your office until Sunday afternoon and still have plenty of time for socializing. I think New Orleans is a great town for a lawyer—a small-town atmosphere with a high quality of living that has lots of clubs and organizations that lawyers can get involved with.

What do you like most about working at Laffey & Marx?

I really enjoy being able to work on difficult problems where everybody gets along well and we can all rely upon each other as human beings as well as reliable professionals. We are very close-knit here, which helps us work together better than many firms I know of these days when everyone is constantly looking over their shoulder at the next firm they might go to after this place closes down or they retire or whatever it may be! That said, there are no stupid questions asked here either; if you ask any question that makes sense, then it will be answered honestly by our associates right away without delay!

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